Keep getting PHP startup error in on Bluehost with PHP version 56 (cpanelVea-php56)

This all started when my colleague said she could access the Sitemap. I logged in as an admin and noticed the error message at the bottom of the dashboard sidebar "Screenshot (3)". I was able to manually upgrade to but can't go any further as seen in "Screenshot (2)". When I try and change the PHP version in Bluehost the site crashes and only works with ea-php56. Any suggestions?

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barkingtuna replied on at Permalink Reply
barkingtuna replied on at Permalink Reply
1fa7dba03b19edfe8147ca83564ce549f19ef0e3.js:3 12:18:25.348 - Dynatree._create(): version='$Version:$', debugLevel=2.
1fa7dba03b19edfe8147ca83564ce549f19ef0e3.js:3 12:18:25.355 - DynaTree.persistence: Object
1fa7dba03b19edfe8147ca83564ce549f19ef0e3.js:3 12:18:25.358 - Dynatree._load(): read tree structure...
1fa7dba03b19edfe8147ca83564ce549f19ef0e3.js:3 12:18:25.358 - Dynatree._init(): send Ajax request...
1fa7dba03b19edfe8147ca83564ce549f19ef0e3.js:3 12:18:25.359 - Object.removeChildren(false)
1fa7dba03b19edfe8147ca83564ce549f19ef0e3.js:3 12:18:25.362 - Dynatree._load(): render nodes...
1fa7dba03b19edfe8147ca83564ce549f19ef0e3.js:3 12:18:25.363 - Dynatree._load(): bind events...
1fa7dba03b19edfe8147ca83564ce549f19ef0e3.js:3 12:18:25.364 - Dynatree._load(): postInit...
1fa7dba03b19edfe8147ca83564ce549f19ef0e3.js:3 12:18:25.364 - Focus on init: Object
1fa7dba03b19edfe8147ca83564ce549f19ef0e3.js:3 12:18:25.365 - dtnode._expand(true) IGNORED - Object
1fa7dba03b19edfe8147ca83564ce549f19ef0e3.js:3 12:18:25.367 - Dynatree._init(): done.
1fa7dba03b19edfe8147ca83564ce549f19ef0e3.js:3 12:18:25.368 - ui.dynatree._init() was called; no current default functionality.
1fa7dba03b19edfe8147ca83564ce549f19ef0e3.js:3 12:18:25.761 - appendAjax failed: parsererror :
{readyState: 4, getResponseHeader: ƒ, getAllResponseHeaders: ƒ, setRequestHeader: ƒ, overrideMimeType: ƒ, …}
SyntaxError: Unexpected token { in JSON at position 2558
at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)
at m.parseJSON (jquery.js:5)
at Pb (jquery.js:5)
at x (jquery.js:5)
at XMLHttpRequest.b (jquery.js:5)
_log @ 1fa7dba03b19edfe8147ca83564ce549f19ef0e3.js:3
logWarning @ 1fa7dba03b19edfe8147ca83564ce549f19ef0e3.js:4
error @ 1fa7dba03b19edfe8147ca83564ce549f19ef0e3.js:3
j @ jquery.js:2
fireWith @ jquery.js:2
x @ jquery.js:5
b @ jquery.js:5
XMLHttpRequest.send (async)
(anonymous) @ VM836:1
send @ jquery.js:5
ajax @ jquery.js:5
appendAjax @ 1fa7dba03b19edfe8147ca83564ce549f19ef0e3.js:3
_reloadAjax @ 1fa7dba03b19edfe8147ca83564ce549f19ef0e3.js:3
_load @ 1fa7dba03b19edfe8147ca83564ce549f19ef0e3.js:3
_create @ 1fa7dba03b19edfe8147ca83564ce549f19ef0e3.js:4
(anonymous) @ jquery-ui.js:6
_createWidget @ jquery-ui.js:6
e.(anonymous function).(anonymous function) @ jquery-ui.js:6
(anonymous) @ jquery-ui.js:6
each @ jquery.js:2
each @ jquery.js:2
e.fn.(anonymous function) @ jquery-ui.js:6
setupTree @ 0f66c7f59d812c09a8e6f412f4a98bf5364dc2f7.js:1
d @ 0f66c7f59d812c09a8e6f412f4a98bf5364dc2f7.js:1
(anonymous) @ 0f66c7f59d812c09a8e6f412f4a98bf5364dc2f7.js:1
each @ jquery.js:2
b.fn.concreteSitemap @ 0f66c7f59d812c09a8e6f412f4a98bf5364dc2f7.js:1
(anonymous) @ full:292
j @ jquery.js:2
fireWith @ jquery.js:2
ready @ jquery.js:2
J @ jquery.js:2
Gondwana replied on at Permalink Reply
At a quick guess, I'd say your server's php installation is defective. Try running the errors (particularly your first pictures) past your host.
stewblack23 replied on at Permalink Reply
Just had this message on my personal site last night. Call Bluehost and ask them if they have updated any of the PHP Version on your website. Odd are the PHP version is defective or you have a bad php.ini file.
barkingtuna replied on at Permalink Reply
Funny... the only account I work in that is NOT a Pro account with Bluehost, this is what they are calling a "Prime" account, just updated the entire UI and all servers. They claim to have NOT changed any settings. I spent over an hour on the phone with Bluehost yesterday with a Tech who has his own C5 website and he dug in to the php.ini file as well as the .htaccess file and nothing cleared this up. Updgrading or downgrading PHP versions crashes the site as well. At this point, Pro account are NOT on the new UI thankfully, but all will inevitably be ported over he said so this could become a major problem in the very near future for those of us managing multiple websites.
Gondwana replied on at Permalink Reply
I think there can be multiple files that do what php.ini does, and they can override one another. All relevant .ini files need to be checked. It really looks like a required php module is missing or php has been misconfigured so it can't find it.
barkingtuna replied on at Permalink Reply
Funny how you've tracked the evolution of all these new found Bluehost issues from this launch point all the way through Andrew agreeing that a re-evalutation of the Bluehost partnership be considered. Well done calling it from the beginning...
Gondwana replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks! I'm glad you persevered with c5 and got to the bottom of it.

This is a sad outcome for you and for c5. The precedent of hosting being tailored to a specific CMS is worrying. For maximum uptake, c5 must aim to be as host-agnostic as possible; eg, I'm looking forward to improvements in c5's ability to handle aggressive caching (such as Varnish) which is becoming increasingly prevalent.

I wonder if this means needing to support non-standard Wordpress-optimised environments. Maybe c5 needs a 'Wordpress Quirks' mode.
andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
c5 is very much host-agnostic; I don't know what Bluehost is doing here. Varnish support requires configuration – but it does for any platform.