Link database back to Concrete5

I have 2 concrete5 sites host in Microsoft Azure server. Last week my server is down and found out that the HDD was full. I remove some unused files (not the website files) and had to restart apache and mysql server. After restart strange things happened: One of the site went down and the other was fine.
The bad one showed http 500 error.

I am new to concrete5.
Assumed the files are being untouched and I can log into the sql server and see both databases, and I confirmed the info of site config file is correct. Actually pretty sure no one has moved or deleted any files or did sql stuffs before the crashed. Can you show me the steps to find out what happen in order to link up the database back to the concrete5 system?

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icgxTech replied on at Permalink Reply
What information I need to provide to make this a sufficient question? Or is it just because the problem is unlikely related to the CMS?
OKDnet replied on at Permalink Reply
I'd say mostly the latter. And it's very general, very difficult to help with the info supplied.
Why not ask your host support or administrator?