Is there a way to configure 5.7.x to use memcached as the caching backend? I'm trying to configure Concrete5 to run on Google AppEngine, and the only references I can find are for the 5.6 version of Concrete, which doesn't help too much, as the configuration is quite different now. When I start the app, it creates a Memcached folder in the root application folder. This is not writable at runtime on GAE.

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karladidas replied on at Permalink Reply

I am having the same issue. I have just upgraded our hosting to a cluster and it now breaks with the error:

mkdir(): Input/Output error.

It turns out they use memcache. So the file sessions don't work.

I have found a dirty workaround that changes the sessions to work via the database, but it is very slow for me.

1. Create a file /application/config/concrete.php (if it doesn't exist).
2. Add this:

return array(
    'session' => array(
        'handler' => 'database'

Changing it to memcache or memcached doesn't appear to work.

Anyone with any advice on getting it to work with memcache?

Merlux replied on at Permalink Reply
You can see here the session factory only check if the handler is set to database or not.
When it's other than database, it takes the
, which only supports files as it seems....

It's a pretty big step back in my opinion.