MIgrating to 5.7

Did a quick Google search and I'm not finding what I'm looking for -

How does everyone tackle migrating to 5.7? Just transfer files to a clean install, etc.? Or are you basically starting over from scratch?

Is an addon to simplify this process possible?

Feel free to point me to an existing thread. Thanks!

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Mainio replied on at Permalink Reply
Currently the suggested approach is to start from scratch.

However, there has been some random points from the core team that they are planning to create some tools to help this migration process. There hasn't been any additional info on those yet, i.e. will they be add-ons or some scripts that you run. And what parts of the site do they migrate. They have said that migration will be a manual process nonetheless, so I doubt it would be some kind of add-on that would do all the job for you automatically. I assume it will be some kind of script you run once and that's it.

Probably the migration for these tools is limited to sitemap, content, files and users of the site which will serve well most of the cases. However, if you have some add-ons installed on that site that store parts of your content, it might be more complicated and migrating that content might not be possible if the author of the add-on does not provide any means to do that.

So, to conclude:
- There are (as far as I know) some tools coming that HELP you in bringing SOME of the content into a 5.7 site
- The migration process will still always require some manual work
- Those parts of the site that are managed by add-ons might need to be manually migrated anyways

Antti / Mainio
frz replied on at Permalink Reply
There will be no magical upgrade script. The best that's likely to happen is a XML import routine built into 5.7 and some tools for exporting content from 5.6.

No i don't have an ETA on that, we're focused on making marketplace integration work at the moment.
rosie607 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi frz
I'm really enjoying the new c5 and I want to migrate a couple of sites over, I was just wondering if you were planning any tool for importing users to the new c5?
Also I noticed that the export to csv button that used to exist for users in 5.6 is no longer there in 5.7, will this be coming back?