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1) Whenever I am logged in I get a blue box with a "compare versions" button in it. I click hide but it keeps coming back. Very annoying

2) In 5.6 and earlier when you re-sized an image in the editor it actually re-sized the image which was great. 5.7 simply adds style="width=x" to the img tag. :( . On a related note, when someone uploads a giant 12 MP image out of their camera it should by default re-size it to something reasonable for most purposes (say 2MP). This should be a configurable setting. When it is inserted into the editor it should by default be smaller still (say 1/2 MP).

3) When inserting an image or a link there are buttons to, for example, open the file manager. However, only the tiny image in the middle is clickable not the whole button. I'm an experienced web developer and this took me several minutes to figure out. I can only imaging the confusion this will cause among my clients.

4) Is a 5.7.1 release still happening September 30 as originally planned?

5) An upgrade path from 5.6 to 5.7 is an absolute must! It doesn't have to be fully automatic and It doesn't have to be now. It does need to come at some point before 5.6 EOL though. If I am left with over 100 websites stranded on an obsolete and insecure CMS it will leave a very bad taste in my mouth. Right now I feel stuck; do I start new projects on 5.6 knowing it's doom is imminent (We promise to support clients for at least 3 years) or do I start on 5.7 knowing that it isn't quite ready yet. Knowing for sure that there will (one day) exist a migration path would make my life much easier.

6) Thanks for all the hard work on C5 and 5.7 in particular. I'm hoping that (soon!) it will be as good as you say it is.


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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi JeffPaetkau,

Concrete5 5.7 includes an image editor that lets you resize and crop images.

Also, when using the Image block and inserting images in Redactor, concrete5 uses Picturefill.js (which I believe is on by default). This creates responsive <picture> elements that act as a container for a default image, large image, medium image, and small image. The image that is displayed is based on a media query. So no matter how large the image is that you upload, it will be resized to the large size automatically.

The default sizes are:
small 740px wide
medium 940px wide
large 1140px wide

The width of the different sizes can be set in System & Settings > Files > Thumbnails.

More info about what Picturefill does:

What I've read is that concrete 5.6x will be supported for at least another year.

Andrew mentioned that they are working on ways to migrate existing sites to 5.7, but there will not be an upgrade.

5.7 has a ton of great features and is really shaping up (fixing minor things, nothing major). Once the marketplace is up and running, there is more documentation, and minor bugs are ironed out - it will be ready to go for development.
andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks Karl. Just to add a little bit to this post – the thumbnail sizes mentioned here are indeed the sizes for the Elemental theme, but they can be changed. If you go into Dashboard > System and Settings > Files > Thumbnails you can see the different image thumbnail types defined, and you can define those yourself in the page_theme.php class that your theme ships with (if it ships with one.) In elemental we've defined those thumbnail sizes to match the ones installed in the sample content, but there's room for customization there too.

That said, not all themes are going to implement this, so it'd be nice to have some kind of way to at least know if a user is embedding a massive image in a content block. That sounds like a nice add-on opportunity or something, maybe.
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Ahh ok, now I see what getThemeResponsiveImageMap() does. It sets the values for the media queries used in <picture>.

An example use of <picture> in concrete5 5.7.
   media="(min-width: 900px)" 
   media="(min-width: 768px)" 

Setting the <picture> media queries in page_theme.php.
public function getThemeResponsiveImageMap()
    return array(
        'large' => '900px',
        'medium' => '768px',
        'small' => '0'
mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
Is Redactor actually implementing the <picture> element? I don't see it happening yet in
andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
It used to but it looks like we screwed it up when updating to Redactor 10. That'll be fixed in
JeffPaetkau replied on at Permalink Reply

Thanks for the info on images, I'll look into it more.

Without an upgrade path, I don't feel that 1 year is long enough. Like I said we promise to support any websites we build for 3 years. Knowing that 5.6 is at least going to get any major security issues addressed for several years would be reassuring.

-- Jeff