mobile and tablet detection

Hi, In the < 5.7 versions of Concrete you could change the isMobile and isTablet code in root/libraries/3rdparty/mobile_detect.php (copy from /root/concrete/libraries/3rdparty/mobile_detect.php) in combination with a change in concrete/core/libraries/view.php changing line 615 to if ($md->isMobile() && !$md->isTablet())

In 5.7 I have the problem the mobile theme wouldn't show up. Even I have installed and selected the mobile theme, the standard theme will be shown.

I found the /vendor/mobiledetect/mobiledetectlib/Mobile_Detect.php but which change I do, nothing happens at all...

It would be nice if you could choose between a mobile and a tablet theme. In most cases the tablet theme will be the standard theme installed. I just want to have a theme for mobile phones < 768 px width. How can I do this in C5.7? And why is the mobile theme not working after installing?

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