Need help on installing new Authentication Type

Hi All,

What is the best method to install a new AuthenticationType?

Does it work like BlockType where it will automatically appear when I inherit the controller to AuthenticationTypeController?

Where can I find information of this?


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andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
Unfortunately we don't have any documentation for this yet. The only way to install a new authentication type is through a package. If you copy a core authentication method from concrete/authentication/__handle__ to packages/your_package/authentication/your_method

create a package in your package install() method run

\Concrete\Core\Authentication\AuthenticationType::('your_method', 'Your method', $pkg);

Then this will install an authentication type which can then be enabled via the dashboard, and you can then work on actually customization the authentication controller, etc...

This is very light on the details but hopefully it will point you in the right direction.