New 'Quick Start' guide for 5.7

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Hi all,

over the years we've maintained a simple 'quick start' guide to give to our clients when we first introduce them to concrete5. Although concrete5 is very easy to pick up, we've found that many of our clients still like having something that they can print and follow when they're first learning how to make edits. Some people just jump in and will work things out, while others want to read some clear instructions first - everyone has different learning styles.

For 5.7, we decided to move away from just managing it in a word processor, to instead creating and releasing the guide via Leanpub. It's a bit of an experiment really.

So we've recently hit the 'publish' button and you can grab it here:

Just a note with the pricing - you can either grab it for free, or if you find it really useful and want to buy us a beer and cider you can elect to pay something of your choosing.

Perhaps more interestingly we've released the guide under a CC license and have pushed it up to github, which you can find here:

Leanpub is pretty nifty in that you can write and publish your book to Github (as well as Dropbox) and it will fetch the files and compile your book. You write the book's contents in a particular flavour of markdown.

So if anyone spots any issues, thinks they can word something more correctly or would like to make a contribution we'd certainly welcome it. I'll stress that the main goal of the book is to be as concise as possible, _only_ covering the absolute essentials. We're also wanting to keep the number of pages as short as necessary. The images are perhaps the main aspect that could be improved.

We also added a little extra to the copyright notice to say that we see it as appropriate to strip credits and copyright from the book when privately sending to your clients. In other words, you can 'white label' it.

Blog post is here too (but it pretty much covers the above):


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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi mesuva,

This is a great idea and will be a real asset for designers, developers, and agencies. Giving clients a way to quickly answer their own questions means fewer support requests and user errors. I can see a small upfront investment in time to educate and onboard new clients having a large return in happier clients and saved time down the line.

It would be great to see people contribute and translate it into other languages.

At just a few dollars, this is a real value.
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Current translations:


If you are interested in translating the quick start guide or contributing, please leave a comment.
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
I can help with the French translation if need be. Who's doing it? Goutnet?
katz515 replied on at Permalink Reply
Nice, I will see if I can get done for Japanese!

Karl, thanks you for telling me about this!
ob7dev replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks Mesuva. Purchased :)
mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
That's very kind, thank you.

I'll make sure your purchase gets turned into a refreshment... a high chance of it being beer.
WillemAnchor replied on at Permalink Reply
Very nice work !