No data received / ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE and no way to find the error

When I copied all files and the database to my test environment (like I have been doing in the past), I got the "No data received" error in Chrome (with ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE).

My Dev environment works fine.

Tried visiting test environment through some proxy sites, and some aren't loading anything, others only half the (home)page.
Login page also fails to load.

I have
'debug' => array(
        'detail' => 'debug',
        'display_errors' => true
    'log' => array(
        'errors' => 1,
        'emails' => 1,
        'queries' => array(
            'log' => 0,
            'clear_on_reload' => 0

in my application/config/generated_overrides/concrete.php.

Caching is off.

Running version of C5

How can I find out what the problem is? Are there any log files?

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itechnofun replied on at Permalink Reply
i also face this issue i scan my pc , reinstall chrome i face this error when i open my own sites other sites work fine Here is my site link i ask other friends to open my site he say it's work fine i try almost every thing but nothing work for me still look like it's chrome bug.
claregate replied on at Permalink Reply
Any news on this? I've got the same problem. I'm on Ubuntu. I've tried on Chrome and Firefox. Chrome gives the same error as above and Firefox says 'The connection was reset'.