Out of memory (allocated 63700992) (tried to allocate 42775654 bytes)

Ive just tried to update my c5 to the latest. clicking on the download button produces the above error.

this is also part of the page that pops up.

wasn't there an alternative method for updating the site via ftp?
if someone can post the instructions id be happy to try it.


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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi fivepints,

An alternative to updates through the dashboard is by doing it manually.

The following tutorial explains the process:
"How to manually upgrade concrete5 (5.7)"

You are running out of memory, which leads me to believe it is a server issue. A likely cause is using a shared host that doesn't have enough resources.
fivepints replied on at Permalink Reply

thanks for the response, i had just tried that manual update after finding the same link you send here. sadly i still get an error this way too.


is there a way we can download only the update so we can place it in the updates folder manually & hope this helps...
I have a re-seller account from my host so it should nor has ever run out of memory in all the years ive had it.

the only thing i know is i begun to have problems when i updated to v5.7.5.4 as it seems lots of people did..

sadly in that time i have made my site a live site and all i have is problems...

if there is anything else you can suggest id be very happy to give it a try... now its live i cant just start over anymore..

MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply

In your server php.ini file, what is your memory_limit?

If your server is running out of memory at 42775654 bytes, that falls under the minimum 64MB required to run concrete5.

I recommend contacting your web host regarding this.
fivepints replied on at Permalink Reply
this is interesting.
You last message made me think and on looking on my server i noted 2 other test installs.
What i'm in the process of doing is updating one of them to the latest version & i can confirm this is successful.
Before i actually installed the update i have downloaded it so i can copy this to my main site as my last message indicated, so i can try the update this way...

I am thinking though if im running out of memory it wouldn't have let me get as far as i have even though this other install is a clean install apart from a theme...

Have no fear i shall be getting onto my provider too as its holding things up so much...

but thanks for your continued suggestions...
TorstenKelsch replied on at Permalink Reply
I have the same issue, but the memory_limit is set to 96 MiB in my case, which should be enough actually. Any ideas what could cause this error? Does MySQL eat up too much memory maybe?