Out of nowhere - SessionHandler::write(): error

v5.7 site dev and all good and suddenly get this on home page:

SessionHandler::write(): open(/tmp/sess_58c95985d51b8a12e7b920a41c75cdd2, O_RDWR) failed: Permission denied (13)


1) I restored from previous version the /concrete/vender folder, 2) deleted tmp files in /application/files 3) check that file and has permission 755

Don't know what to do as this came from nowhere.... where are the sess... files in v5.7? I only know of deleting /application/files?

Any help appreciated. Should I restore everything? It looks like everything is there......

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tsdonohue5 replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm realizing that these are both 2 new sites on separate host accounts but same reseller account with same ip (different root though)...and if I clear cache and close browser and bring browser back up, and go to one of these sites, it works. Then if go to the 2nd site, I get the error. So looks like it's trying to write to wrong location I guess because the session is really for the first site and not the current site,which is the second site.

So I guess I will try to move one site to another ip.

The weird thing is I have been developing these 2 sites side by side for weeks at least and no issues. Why start now...?

I will report back after I move the site and hopefully will be back to normal. But still would think each site would be able to handle its own session but I guess there are no boundaries...which is causing the issue.