Override concrete/Src/* in package

Hello, I am trying to extend a particular file in the concrete/Src/ folder in my package. I would like to add extended functionality. So far I have read various guides but only able to extend from the application directory (namely thishttps://www.concrete5.org/documentation/how-tos/developers/override-... but it doesn't work in package, and I obviously cant make people transfer/copy this stuff in their own bootstrap.php/app.php.

So far I have tried name convention the same, but that's about the only lead I have.

File I want to override:

File I put in package: (all ive tried)

and of course their associated namespaces:
namespace Concrete\Package\MyPackage\Src\Concrete\Core\File\Image;
namespace Concrete\Package\MyPackage\Src\Core\File\Image;
namespace Concrete\Package\MyPackage\Src\File\Image;

Things to remember:
I have override cache off (all caches actually)
Every time i try, i have uninstall/reinstalled the package

Any help will be appreciated. This is also going to the marketplace so I hope I can get this up! Basically I am trying to override the thumbnail services (both legacy and new) for added function.

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emirii replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Its funny how sometimes you find the answer just right after you post...

Core::alias('Concrete\Package\MyPackage\Src\Core\File\Image\BasicThumbnailer', '\Concrete\Core\File\Image\BasicThumbnailer');

work for me, but will something like this be a problem when coming to market place?
dzimney replied on at Permalink Reply
Is the best place for this in the on_start function of the package controller?
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Any package overriding a core file will automatically be 'black' in the marketplace. If its an override pending an update to the core and provides a mechanism to disable, then it may be graded 'red'.
surefyre replied on at Permalink Reply
So how best then to override e.g. the IP Blacklist message without aliasing concrete/src/Permission/IPService to put in different text?

Or any other system message, for that matter?