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I think about rewriting my Foundation package to be concrete 5.7 compatible.
Actually (5.6.x) it looks like this:

I changed the head of the controller to
namespace Concrete\Package\c57f5boilerplate;
use Package;
use Loader;
use CollectionType;
use PageTheme;
use AttributeKeyCategory;
use FileAttributeKey;
class Controller extends Package { 

I'm able to install the package in concrete 5.7.0b1 but the page theme and file attributes aren't installed. When I uninstall the package concrete says "Uninstalling c57f5boilerplate will remove the following data from your system." But there are no entries there. So I think my stuff isn't correctly registered in concrete 5.7.0b1.

Is there any documentation about package controllers in 5.7?


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Job replied on at Permalink Reply
There's no documentation as of yet.

I'd look into the classes that provide the functionality of installing (PageType, AttributeKeys) and see if their methods have been changed. You'll mind most of it within /web/concrete/core/.
wizardontherun replied on at Permalink Reply
Hope you find your answer as I love this theme.