Page Attribute Display blocks won't display rich text in version

I updated from 5.7.2 to, and now several pages are broken. (See attachment.)

When I use Page Attribute Display blocks, they display Rich Text Text Areas as HTML code. That is HTML tags are displayed as HTML entities. For example,
becomes "&lt;p&gt;".

To recreate the problem:

1. Go to Pages & Themes > Attributes in the dashboard, and create a Text Area with Text Area Options set to Rich Text - Default Setting.

2. Create a new Page Type and add a Page Attribute Display block, with it's Property to Display set to your new Text Area.

3. Create a new page with your new Page Type, and, in Composer, add some text in the Rich Text Editor.

The page will display your rich text as mess of HTML code and not as rich text.

When step down my Concrete5 installation to version 5.7.2, my pages look fine.

Can this be fixed? How do I get my pages to display correctly in version

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krousen1956 replied on at Permalink Reply
I found the problem. Line 75 in the Page Attribute Display's controller.php:
$content = h($content);

I comment out this line and my content display's correctly.
andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the fixed. This will be released in the next version.