Page Types and Multilingual

How are Page Types meant to be set up on a multilingual website?

E.g. page type News is normally published at /news, but for de_DE it should be published at /de/nachrichten and for nl_NL it should be published at /nl/nieuws.

Does one need to duplicate the page types then, or is there a nicer solution?
We're currently working on a multilingual website with more than 15 page types, so that's why I'm asking.

Thanks in advance for ideas / suggestions.

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maar replied on at Permalink Reply
Normally you would make a page type per language (I think about the static content on a page type). But if there is no static lingual content you still need to have different page types to be able to direct them to a specific place in your site tree.

We actually made our C5DK Blog package to overcome this problem. It will publish under the news/blog page where it is created or you can pick under witch blog root you want to puplish.

We are building a bigger/more complicated C5DK News package but it is not at the marketplace yet.

Concrete5 Denmark
A3020 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Michael, thanks for your reply. I think we both agree that this isn't ideal. Especially when you have tons of page types and need to traverse through the sitemap to find the proper parent page.

Anyone else ideas? Maybe @mlocati?