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I've started out with Concrete 5.7 about a month ago and i got to say, it's pretty sweet for even a web designer to understand the CMS and file structure etc. I got just a small glitch with creating a page type.

- So what I do is create a new page type, let's call it "Random Post", I set the exact same settings as the Blog Entry does in the elemental theme (published also under the page blog with tha handle random_post)
- Add all the form attributes i need
- Go to the Blog Page, add the page list for page type "Random Post"
- Create a new page for this page type
- In here it says that the content attributes (wysiwyg content and picture) are
"Unable to load block into composer. You must edit this content from within the context of the page."
Ok, so sure, I can do that, but i want it to function like the blog entry. Naturally :) So what do i need to still do/add and where? What am I missing? When i click the "ouput" link in Page types, the Blog Entry shows that every attribute is printed into "Main" area as it should. Why isn't that happening with my new Page Type? It's just blank. The page list in the page Blog, shows the Title, date, description of my random posts, but the page is blank if i don't add content separately like on a normal page.

I know it's probably something very simple I'm missing here, but still would be nice to get some help with this.

Cheers, Eero

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HardOne replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
You have to add a composer output block to your page output. After adding the block to the form you need to edit the defaults for each template that the page type uses and drag the composer output Block into the page on that defaults page.

I hope this will help you.
eeroma replied on at Permalink Reply
Ahh, editing the output goes like that, of course. Knew it was something as simple as this!

Thanks for the help!
HardOne replied on at Permalink Reply
You're welcome. Good to hear that problems are solved.

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