PHP 5.6 upgrading

I think that everybody has recieved an email with the message: We are upgrading to PHP 5.6 in two weeks - or so.

Will that course any trouble with Concrete 5.5.1 or should I upgrade Concrete5 as well ?

Or - do I have to do anything ?

Hope for an answer

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madesimplemedia replied on at Permalink Reply
I've done PHP upgrades in the past without an issues, back everything up as always :)
mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
I have found that concrete5 version 5.5 will throw lots of error messages on a PHP5.6 server. It will run but your screens will be full of warnings. I would upgrade to the newest version on concrete5. This is not a quick process as I have found it necessary to manually upgrade through each point version when moving from a 5.5 site to a 5.6.2 site.

It might be helpful to post your 'environment' from the concrete5 dashboard so we can see if there are any incompatible add-ons in your 5.5 installation.