Problog blog section not displaying content

Hi, I am using Problog for the first time and when I add the page attribute "blog section" instead of displaying the content of the blog post it just says "yes"

I'm not sure what I am doing wrong I would appreciate any advice.

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OKDnet replied on at Permalink Reply
ProBlog as you know is a paid add-on. Are you not able to get support from the developer? Because that is normally where support for paid add-on's would come from (and the fact that not nearly as many people here have even used it), you might not find any help posting here. Hopefully I'm wrong though, but I myself have not used ProBlog.
stressdesign replied on at Permalink Reply
Re:: Support from developer

Chad/RadiantWeb team have indicated that they're not offering support... says so right on each of their product pages.

This of course, is a sad on many levels, not the least of which the RadiantWeb tools are some of the best in the C5 marketplace.
stressdesign replied on at Permalink Reply

Were you able to solve this?