Redactor (align to the left button not working)


Redactor is really much nicer than tinymce.

One small issue I've found: the "align text to the left" actually does not add any style to the paragraph. It simply removes any existing alignments.

So if a scpecific theme or area is center-aligned by default, and you want to align a specific paragraph to the left, it's not possible using redactor.

I think it would be useful to actually add a "text-algin: left" style to the paragraph, even if most times the text is left-aligned by default (actually if the text is aligned to the left by default, there's no need to use that button, only to reset/clear styles, and it would make more sense to simply add another option to the alignment dropdown called "normal" or "default" or "none"...)

Any chance to fix this or report this to the Redactor developers?



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