Rewrite whole URL with path

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is it possible to rewrite the whole URL for a page.
At the moment i only can change the page URL but not the whole path.

Exiting URL for a page:

I want to change it to this

The page structure must be the same! I only want to change the path, because of SEO.

Any idea how i can do this? Custom Attribut with some custom code?


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exchangecore replied on at Permalink Reply
You can certainly do this.

1. Open the Page settings
2. Select the "Location" settings
3. Under the "URLs to this Page" section, on the right hand side there is an "Add URL" button, select this and enter "my-product-name"
4. Select that new URL as the "Cononical URL" to make it be the primary URL (All other URLs will redirect to it)
5. Save Changes
Vuish replied on at Permalink Reply
Thats very cool.