Running jobs from the command line in concrete5.7.5.2

Last night i upgraded to concrete5.7.5.2. all working fine, except for one thing: i can no longer run custom jobs from the command line!

I can run them inhttp://[sitename]/index.php/dashboard/system/optimization/jobs... with no problem, but when i am on the command line and execute:

c5:jobs --list

i get the following error:

Available Jobs
[ReflectionException] Class \Concrete\Package\ImageGallery\Job\ProcessGalleries does not exist
c5:job [--set] [--list] [--] [<jobs>]...

Running jobs in the console worke like a charm in the previous version, and i really miss this!! Anyone experiencing this issue?

Let me know!


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exchangecore replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Pretty sure that I patched this in the core. Should be in the next version, you can manually patch your concrete5 instance by making the following change:
meshen replied on at Permalink Reply
Works perfect!!!


daenu replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi I just read thatwe can use console commands. So I tried your command c5:jobs --list but it sais command not found.
Can you tell me how to use the console in c5?
exchangecore replied on at Permalink Reply
Daenu it's probably best in the future to create your own thread for different issues so that they get the attention they deserve and its easier for people trying to answer the same question to find answers in the future.

To answer your question the concrete5 command line can be run out of /concrete/bin/concrete5. You will need to make sure that this file has execute permissions on your system.

So to run the jobs list you would use
./concrete/bin/concrete5 c5:job --list