Site broken after update

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I ran an update which failed. Now I have a totally broken website that just shows this error:

Invalid "update.core" defined. Please remove it from /home/xxxxxx/public_html/application/config/update.php.

I've removed the update core and it has made no difference.

Please help, It took me weeks to build my website and now it's all gone and I am really confused why a simple update can destroy a website.

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benlister replied on at Permalink Reply
Try restarting your MYSQL service.

sudo service mysql restart
simonchilton replied on at Permalink Reply
That wasn't the problem
DavidWooF replied on at Permalink Reply
Backup backup, backup and backup again. I know that this is probably wont help you but for those who are reading this from now on.
This is a school case how important is to backup your files and database before upgrading system of any kind Concrite5, joomla, Wordpress etc..
If you read backup instructions it was pointed out clearly to backup your site files and DB before upgrading.
If you did that then simply backup your site from backup file 3min work and then try to find solution on the forum.
I am not smart I just have more experience with this kind situations. Years ago I have bean where you are now with same situation.

I am new to concrete5 (building first site for my client) so I don't now how to help you at the moment but pleas post a solution how you handle it for other users.
simonchilton replied on at Permalink Reply
Nice idea, but concrete5 have STILL not implemented the backup functionality in version 5.7, more than a year after its first release.

I have made many complaints about it but they have all been ignored.
DavidWooF replied on at Permalink Reply
There is no beter and secure way to make backup then backup tools in your hosting control panel as cPanel, Plesk etc.
simonchilton replied on at Permalink Reply
Not everyone has access to such facilities, unfortunately.

Thanks for your comments, but I am already aware of all the things you've mentioned and require no further advice regarding backups.
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi simonchilton,

Did the update complete? If not, at what stage did it fail?

You said you removed the update core, is your updates folder empty?

I have not encountered this issue before and have an idea of something that could be tried. The problem is I would recommend a full backup of your files and database before attempting it.

You don't have any backup options through your host? If you do not, I recommend switching web hosts. A database only backup through concrete5 is only useful if you have your site files. On its own, it provides little use if for some reason you "lose" your site.
simonchilton replied on at Permalink Reply

Thanks for the reply, it's really appreciated. The update didn't complete... I think version 5.7. stretches a lot of PHP installations. I emptied the updates folder.

I think the problem is that I don't know what the entries WERE (for the previous version) in the new 5.7 config so am unable to roll back.

In any case, fortunately, my hosting company had a recent backup that they reverted to.

Nice to speak to you, and thanks for all the free add-ons!