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I have a test page that is pulling in live data (http://gotimetrekkers.com/holidays/destinations/europe/uk/richard-iii-and-battle-bosworth) from an external source.

The page seems to take ages to load. Is there a way speed this up?

Maybe I could force Concrete5 to cache the page data and refresh let's say every 2 hours? So, the user sees only the recently cached page.

Thanks in advance for any ideas

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ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
You can do block caching?

You can do file caching (write the data you get into a file, and check last edited time and if xxx seconds have pasted ever since, try getting data again, if it's not getting data, use your cache file)?

Or even database caching by putting the data in your database and retrieve it from there. Store a last_updated value/date as well.

Lots of options I guess? :)
PJSAndo replied on at Permalink Reply
What would be the best method for API caching - block, file or database caching?

ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
Imho, there is no "best method". You can do block caching if you're already using block caching? If not, you have to think about using it. It will speed up stuff, but if you have custom block types which are setup to always cache (and it shouldn't in your opinion), you end up with a website doing stuff that you wouldn't want it to do. So if you're familiar with setting up cache in a block type, I would go for that.

If you don't want to do block caching, and the data you are retrieving is quite big, I would go for file caching. This way you don't have a big database and pollute it with his data. You need read/write access for wherever you wanna write the file though of course.

Hope that helped? Others may have a different opinion, so don't jump to conclusions just yet ;)
PJSAndo replied on at Permalink Reply
exchangecore replied on at Permalink Reply
You can do page caching and you can have it expire 2 hours. Use the Intelligent Search box (upper right corner) and go to the "Cache & Speed Settings" page. Turn on Full Page Caching, and then below that there is an "Expire Pages from Cache" option where you can set the number of minutes you want the page to remain cached for.