Tags Block does not work (in any site).

The 5.7+ TAGS block functionality does not work. More specifically, after setting up as per the documentation here
where it says
"Link Tag to search page - you need to make a search results page somewhere with a search block on it. Point to that page from here and clicking a tag will take you to the search results page showing other pages that have the same tag you clicked on."

This is what is broken. You only get a "Page not found". I tested on different installs. Someone else also posted the same issue in the comments on that docs page.

I don't know if an update broke the TAGS block and nobody noticed, or what, but it doesn't work in, or 5..7.5.2
I haven't tested in earlier versions.

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Hi OKDnet,

"The tags block needs to point to a page with the page list block on it (set up to be filtered by tags as well – this is an option in the page list block), not a page with the search block in it."


The documentation and wording in the block itself should be updated.
- "Link Tag to Search Page" might be better described as "Link Tags to Page List"
OKDnet replied on at Permalink Reply
I actually suspected it might be a documentation issue.
Well it does in fact work (when set u this way). Thanks!
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply

The block label and documentation has been updated.