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I have a client trying to find some pages he just deleted. I directed him to the full sitemap and told him to check the "Include System Pages in Sitemap" checkbox. This works to show the items in Trash, BUT he's got a bunch in there. At the bottom of the list of trashed pages it shows "75 more to display. View All>" But when he clicks on it it shows a trashcan icon by itself, but no listing of pages under. Clicking the trashcan says "Empty Trash" How do we see all the pages in the trash?

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weyboat replied on at Permalink Reply
Reduce the list by deleting the ones that are definitely not needed anymore..
walkingstick replied on at Permalink Reply
Not the best option when their are 75 pages hidden (he'd have to delete 75 pages to see the last one.)
hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
You can see all the pages in the trash by going to this url

5.7 /index.php/dashboard/sitemap/explore/130/
5.8 /index.php/dashboard/sitemap/explore/141/

And updating /concrete/single_pages/dashboard/sitemap/explore.php to have these settings in the concreteSitemap ajax call.

displaySingleLevel: false,
includeSystemPages: true,

Unfortunately you can't really do anything with the pages from this view...
indisbaltic replied on at Permalink Reply
We're experiencing exactly the same thing on a site of a client. Curious to hear how it can be solved.
DavidKSchneider replied on at Permalink Reply
We have the same thing. I am also looking for a way to recover files.