Upgrade to 5.7.1

Please let me know if we can upgrade to 5.7.1 site update link shows - no updates available.

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hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
If you download 5.7.1 and unzip it and either put the concrete folder into your /updates directory or rename your website's concrete directory to something else and put the concrete folder from the 5.7.1 zip into the root for your website files you should be able to run /index.php/ccm/system/upgrade and it will find the upgrade.
NickKN replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm afraid neither of these work for me!
If I replace concrete directory with 5.7.1 it tells me I'm up to date and then throws a slew of errors when I follow the link to go back to the site.
If I unpack the download to the update directory I'm told I'm already up to date with version ! (I've tried simply unpacking the whole download to updates and then just the "concrete" directory from the download - it doesn't recognise either)

It's a localhost, development installation - I don't know if that affects things.

Is there another solution ?
karladidas replied on at Permalink Reply
Same here.

If I add 5.7.1 concrete dir to updates, then go to /index.php/ccm/system/upgrade, I get "Your site is already up to date! The current version of concrete5 is" - So no change.

If I swap new 5.7.1 concrete dir for old, then go to /index.php/ccm/system/upgrade get "Your site is already up to date! The current version of concrete5 is 5.7.1.", but then going to the homepage gives me this error:

An exception occurred while executing 'select CollectionVersionBlocks.isOriginal, CollectionVersionBlocks.cbIncludeAll, Blocks.btCachedBlockRecord, BlockTypes.pkgID, CollectionVersionBlocks.cbOverrideAreaPermissions, CollectionVersionBlocks.cbOverrideBlockTypeCacheSettings, CollectionVersionBlocks.cbDisplayOrder, Blocks.bIsActive, Blocks.bID, Blocks.btID, bName, bDateAdded, bDateModified, bFilename, btHandle, Blocks.uID from CollectionVersionBlocks inner join Blocks on (CollectionVersionBlocks.bID = Blocks.bID) inner join BlockTypes on (Blocks.btID = BlockTypes.btID) where CollectionVersionBlocks.arHandle = ? and CollectionVersionBlocks.cID = ? and (CollectionVersionBlocks.cvID = ? or CollectionVersionBlocks.cbIncludeAll=1) and CollectionVersionBlocks.bID = ?' with params ["Main", "153", "10", "87"]: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'CollectionVersionBlocks.cbOverrideBlockTypeCacheSettings' in 'field list'

Which I assume is because the database has not been upgraded.

Any ideas?
hswiki replied on at Permalink Reply
I was able to manually download the 5.7.1 zip and unzip it into the updates folder inside my concrete5 folder and then through my site, I was able to see there was a upgrade available. Upon updating it threw an error and clicking "Back to Home" threw the same error message that karladidas posted. I also tried to run a backup first and it stated that it has not been implemented in 5.7
mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
Try adding 'force=1' to the end of the URL that runs the update script so it's


That being said, I had to do a fresh install when going from -> 5.7.1
hswiki replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the reply mhawke. You know, I have been making copies of my folder as backups and trying for over an hour. I tried this method before and it resulted in an error but I just tried it one more time and it worked. I manually downloaded and unzipped the 5.7.1 update and then I copied it into the updates folder. From there I logged into my concrete5 site and went to the dashboard then backup and restore then update concrete5 and checked for updates and it found the one I put in there. I clicked on update and it said it completed successfully. Not sure why the same steps I did before didnt work but they did this time. I even went back to the area to check the version and it says 5.7.1. Maybe you just need to try it twice for it to work?
mroberte replied on at Permalink Reply
Trying now, thanks for the update... for the update :-D
NickKN replied on at Permalink Reply
I did the same thing - downloaded a _fresh copy_ and it worked !
I have a feeling there must have been a small glitch in the original that I rushed to try...
karladidas replied on at Permalink Reply
I would just like to clarify the update process for anyone that finds this post.

1. unzip the entire contents of the version into the updates directory, NOT just the concrete directory as earlier suggested.
2. then go to /index.php/dashboard/system/backup/update on your site, it should now find the update
3. press update and all should work fine!
andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
FYI, you can ALSO replace the concrete directory, and go tohttp://www.yoursite.com/index.php/ccm/system/upgrade... – but the updates folder and updating through the dashboard works well too.
karladidas replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Andrew,

A few of us had tried the concrete directory and the update link you suggest but have had the issues above. The only way I could get the update to work successfully was via the steps above.
andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
I think there may have been some previous issues with update and our update code not quite understanding how the new migrations system worked under the hood. I'm going to run through every major update with

5.7.0 -> -> ->
5.7.1 ->

and ensure that everything works in both situations. There had been some little wrinkles when updating from one to the next, then skipping one, etc...
bkish replied on at Permalink Reply
These three steps worked for me. What's not clear, though, is should we leave the folder in the updates folder? It's not clear to me if code is referenced from here for perpetuity or if things are copied into place during the "upgrade"

mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
Leave them there. concrete5 looks inside the updates folder for it's 'core' files forever unless you take other measures to have it look elsewhere.
bkish replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you for clarifying! If I update to another version in the future will I need to keep all prior versions in the updates directory, too?
ordatabase replied on at Permalink Reply
Yeah, I deleted the update files and ended up having to restore my whole website from backup.
mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
You just need to keep the files for the version your site is running on so if you update again, you can delete the previous version(s) from the updates folder however, I usually leave the prior version in there for a while to make sure all is well and that I don't need to revert back to a prior version.
pedroserapio replied on at Permalink Reply
None of this ways looks working well, I unzipped all the 5.7.2 files to "updates" folder, and 5.7.1 always show the same info:

No updates available.

In concrete 5.7.1 I replaced the folder Concrete with new 5.7.2 and show the following info:

Currently Running 5.7.2
No updates available.

Is this normal???

In concrete replaced the folder Concrete with new 5.7.2 and all the website its broken and again the same info:

Currently Running 5.7.2
No updates available.

Version    5.7.2
Installed Version

concrete.version    5.7.2
concrete.version_db    20141024000000
concrete.installed    1
concrete.site    Yatsuka
concrete.locale    en_US
concrete.charset    UTF-8
concrete.debug.display_errors    1
concrete.debug.detail    debug

Is there any way to update or every time there is new version I need build again the websites and again... and again?

Thank you very much.

I replaced the concrete folder then I did what mhawke suggested and worked.
Thank you very much mhawke.
ordatabase replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you everyone for sharing what worked and didn't work.

I just updated from 5.7.1 to by downloading and unzipping into the update folder, and then I used the update button within the concrete5 control panel.

Will this eventually be updated to automatically pull the updates from the website when clicking the button, or will we always have to manually download into the /updates directory before the update function sees the update and uses it?