Upgrade from to Fails - Site Down

Received Franz's email about the US Army using concrete5. Cool. See the notice in same marketing email about being available. Yikes - I'm behind. Time to update. Note that I'm not a complete newbie - I have previously manually upgraded with no issues, however the upgrade to failed miserably. Steps;

1. Backed up root folder in webserver
2. Downloaded
3. Unzipped to proper /updates folder
4. Logged in Dashboard attempted to find/apply update. Client system was unresponsive after several minutes. Closed browser session.
5. Opened new browser session. Website unresponsive. Dashboard login not available. I see "Invalid "update.core" defined. Please remove it from /home/xxxxxx/public_html/application/config/update.php". Time to google.
6. See this post:http://www.concrete5.org/community/forums/5-7-discussion/site-broke... - that's me. Screwed.
7. Where did upgrade fail? Need to check MySql vs Core version. Followed this:http://www.concrete5.org/documentation/how-tos/developers/troublesh... but after mysql login, I can not seem to see any Config table field data - I only see gibberish in all of the fields. I suspect/hope it's encrypted and not trashed data. My setup notes don't state that I encrypted the tables - is this normal? I am not using PhpMyAdmin - is that the only real way to see encrypted table data (if that is what I am dealing with)?
8. Try another manual upgrade to using this as a guide:http://www.concrete5.org/documentation/how-tos/developers/manually-... Method 1 and Method 2 both fail. Reboot server.
9. Repeat Step 8, but try to "upgrade" to using methods noted. Both fail. Reboot.
10. Restore site root (including all concrete5 files) to pre-upgrade condition (working and reboot. Fail.

Uncool. Disaster. No, I don't really have a good clean mysql backup to restore from either. At this point my backups of the root folder itself seem worthless as well. Beyond sarcastic advice to test backups which I'm well aware of - I'm open to any ideas on what I can do to try and salvage this site...

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ksalisbury replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
So just to update;

Invalid "update.core" defined. Please remove it from (root)/application/config/update.php

When I open update.php, I see;


return array(
'core' => 'concrete5.7.5.3',

1. In the file above Changed 'core' => 'concrete5.7.5.3', to 'core' => 'concrete5.7.5.6',

2. Restarted apache - website comes back up. Horray! Great, now we're getting somewhere.

3. Login to Dashboard and receive the now infamous, "Invalid "update.core" defined. Please remove it from (root)/application/config/update.php".

Hrmmm...well the website is "working" - I think I'll start building a new server to migrate over too immediately. Yikes. Obviously something went seriously wrong with the upgrade from 7.5.3 to 7.5.6 - but I do not know where. For anyone who is reading this prior to upgrading - backup your entire server properly *just* *before* attempting an upgrade...