Warning if you use Hostmonster... they may update PHP from 5.4 to 5.6 Beta without warning which breaks a 5.7 site

Learned this the hard way. Had my PHP version set to 5.4 single php.ini and they, without notice, bumped it to 5.6 Beta and broke my site. I rolled it back to 5.4 and all is good... just wanted to warn any others using Hostmonster.

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Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply
Easy solution is not to change php.ini file. We've never had to and went from 5.2 to 5.6.4 without issue.
barkingtuna replied on at Permalink Reply
So you're saying if I copy/back up the current php.ini file, update to 5.6 Beta, and replace it with the previous file it'll work? Is there an advantage to 5.6 over 5.4?