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My company was recently asked to build a new website for a company who's current site is built on Concrete. We have no experience working in or with Concrete and are not building the new site using it.

However, recently, the hosting company (DreamHost) upgraded their php, which was incompatible with Concrete, and the entire current site went down. We were only able to see an error code (I have attached the top of it as a screenshot). Because the whole site was down, we were unable to log in to the backend as it lived on the site url ( and therefore was also down.

We had the hosting company revert the phpl, but it did nothing. Neither us, nor the hosting company, nor the other company who originally built the site have been able to come up with a solution to rectify the error. But, the company who the site is for would like it back up and running as opposed to the Coming Soon mini-site we have deployed in its place while we build the new site.

Any thoughts or suggestions into how we can get the site back?

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
That is still an error typical of php7 and its likely to be the first of many. The surest way to have it working again is to lower the php version to 5.6.x.
There could also be cache residue, so edit the /application/config settings to disable the cache and make sure any proxy caches are cleared/disabled.

Once you have it working, upgrade to, then to 8.5.1.
(make a backup first)
That will get you compatible with php7.2
bolo1 replied on at Permalink Reply
I had the same issue. We got the site back up but now getting this message in the Meta Description box for each page.... "Meta Description
An exception occurred while executing 'select akTextareaDisplayMode, akTextareaDisplayModeCustomOptions from atTextareaSettings where akID = ?' with params ["2"]: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'akTextareaDisplayModeCustomOptions' in 'field list'"

Can I fix this? Is this affecting google search results?

Also, we're having install issues simply trying to create a new Concrete5 site. Related??