Why so many Database Queries?

Hi All,

out of curiosity, I was tinkering around with the query logging, and notice that a single page load caused >450 queries on a logged out user. Why on earth would it be so many? it's a simple page with a header/footer navigation and around 18 blocks. I know C5 is very heavy on permissions, and being a component based CMS there would have to be a lot of traffic going back and forth but it seems a like way to much. Even when I go into the template and remove all the content I'm getting 75 queries being ran. Has anyone else had a glance at the amount of queries being ran?

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GNUguy replied on at Permalink Reply
I'd like to know about this, too. I just got an error from my hosting service claiming I had exceeded the limit of concurrent connections (15, I think). That's the reason I'm seeing incredible amounts of latency. I've been starting to wonder about how heavy the data flow is between C5 and the MySQL DB.