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Printing page content without header or footer

I have a client who wants their visitors to be able to print the pages on their site. Just the content though. When it prints the header/footer and nav it's way too many pages. Unfortunately I can only find addons for 5.6. Anyone done this?

Shipping type error

Hello, I was trying to create own shipping type method. I created all necessary directories and files, but next time I went to my dashboard's shipping-page, it says "Missing controller file for a shipping type. See Logs for more information". What did …

Can't delete page attribute 'Forbidden' error?

Hi There, I have a page attribute that I need to switch from being a checkbox to a text field but I can't change the attribute type and weirdly, I can't delete it. Both on the server and locally I receive an error... Forbidden You don't have permis…


I have/had a website created with concrete5. I left it alone for too long and Concrete5 upgraded and the theme I was using is no longer compatible, so now all you see is latin on Elemental (default).Anyone have experience with fixing this problem? Do I ha…

Cannot access website. Unexpected Errors

Hello All, I'm experiencing an issue with our website and receiving the following error: Declaration of Concrete\Core\Permission\Access\EditPagePropertiesPageAccess::save($args) should be compatible with Concrete\Core\Permission\Access\Access::save() …

page speed issues

Hi all, Having major issues with page speed on my site. are there some general solutions that could help. I have a developer and when I ask him to make changes to improve page speed based on google page speed insights (or others) suggestions, he dismis…

where i find db

where do i find db file for Concrete5 to edit to work for my new db host, not going reinstall stuff no just need to edit file to point right db

trying to install and got this error. any help?

Unable to install database: 42000. Trace: #0 [internal function]: Concrete\Core\Package\StartingPointPackage->install_database() #1 /home/vol7_4/xtreemhost.com/xth_20207154/htdocs/concrete/controllers/install.php(294): call_user_func(Array) #2 [intern…

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