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After moving the website to SERVER i am getting this issue

Hi All , Anyone facing this issue Class \Concrete\Core\Permission\Key\EditUserPropertiesUserKey does not exist Concrete Version : Getting this issue after moving the website from local instance to SERVER . thanks & regards khalid


Hi all, I tried to create an override for the footer on the 'elemental' theme. I followed this instructions here: https://documentation.concrete5.org/tutorials/override-almost-any-core-file-in-5-7 So I created the same folder and file structure but it…

SEO problems

Hi everyone, I am new in the use of Concrete and I need your help for the SEO side. I made a single-page site and I'm picking up several problems: - Google detects the creation of multiple home (example.com, www.example.com and www.example.com/inde…

Revert to earlier version of a page?

I can see the previous versions of a page by clicking on the "gear" menu and then on Versions, but I can find no way to revert to an earlier version. I must be missing something?

Login Redirect Based on User Group

Hello Friends :: I'm wanting to direct certain user groups to specific places after login. I can see at in C5 dashboard/system/registration/postlogin allows 3 different locations Homepage Member profile (if enabled) Custom page How can more …

Concrete5 Keeps Me Randomly Logged Out

While editing, I am randomly logged out but I don't know why. This happens very often. Sometimes, though I am logged in to the dashboard, if I click on a link of any of the pages, can't find the editing bar on top. Then I have to type the link or log in t…

Broken Site

I don't have much experience with concrete5 (this is my first day on the site). I came here after I was asked to look into a problem with my boss' friends site. Upon accessing the site (which can be seen here: http://www.izdesignstudio.com/) I noticed the…

Banned from my page??????

Hola.... should log in to my page and work on it, and get THIS message???? Unable to complete action: your IP address has been banned. Please contact the administrator of this site for more information....what?? who has banned me????????

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