Add Layout :: Ignore Grid Container?

When adding a new layout to an area, it would be nice to enable ignoring the framework container. That would allow people to build both full width and contained layouts, simplifying theme code.

Need Help: LOGIN **** Cant Log Back In To Admin ****

I hope I am not being redundant, but I could not find an answer for my issue. *** I can't log back in to admin. *** I decided to add a sign-in section (Members area) to track who requested access to an specific section of my site. - - The problem is …

Copying Home Page is giving an error

1. I copy the home page by going into Versions and selecting "New Page" on the latest version. 2. I select a parent location for the new page 3. I click on "Publish Page" This is when I see the error pop up.. [code] { "error":{ "…

Workflow Notifications

Hi, I have a query when a user 'X' who is an Editor submits a workflow request to a group having approve permissions say Administrators. Suppose user 'Y' from the Administrators group approves the changes. Can only user 'X' be notified through email t…

Why are some blocks not installed on initial install?

Looking at the config/install/base/blocktypes.xml, therer is blocks commented out as to not have them installed when first installing concrete5. I noticed one of the was core_conversation_message, which makes sense because if you look at that blocks co…

Hard coded autonav inside an accordion

Looking for help please! The easiest thing is to list the link and then describe what I want to happen. So for the desktop version I want the names of the artists listed within the space of the window. If there are mo…

Form Email Errors on Comma delimited list

Hello, I created a contact form and have been using it for a while. I have added multiple emails in a comma delimited list. Now for some reason the emails will not go to multiple emails. I just get "Mail Exception Occurred. Unable to send mail: Unable t…

Show the "The Last Login Date" in user dashboard

Hello, is it possible to show the "Last Login Date" in the user dashboard (user overview)? AND Is it also possible to sort the users by the "Last Login Date" I am looking forward to a reply. Thank you very much Frank

ZendFramework - Send a copy of the submitted form to the submitter

Hi, I have a question regarding form block (zendframework) on concrete Do you have any idea how I could edit the zendframework to send a copy of the submitted form to the submitter? My coding know-how is not so good... hope you can help.

what does reset.less in clonamental theme

Hello everybody I noticed in the cloneamental theme, that there is a file called reset.less (in the css/build -folder) What does it do? It is not imported by main.less. Can I delete it? - or how would it be used? Thanks Bernie

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