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Google Analytics tracking code not insert in page code

Hi, I have a problem with Google Analytics code, it doesn't insert on the index or other pages code. So there is nothing to track. I have copied the Analytics tracking code into the System / SEO / Tracking codes (as many times before). Tried to place …

File not found at path: 3615/3449/0722/favicon.ico

Concrete5 Installed Version Hi There, I got an error: Concrete \ Flysystem \ FileNotFoundException HELP File not found at path: 3615/3449/0722/favicon.ico at the page: www.orangecountry.eu Is there anyone who knows what to do next …

CROSSPOST: Disable IP check. Config and applications are ignored

Hi, original thread is here: https://www.concrete5.org/community/forums/legacy-version-5-6-x/disabling-ip-check/ The problem I have is that my admin session is terminated due to IP mismatch. I disabled IP checking in config and even created a concr…

H1 tag needed for SEO

Hi All, For SEO, is a H1 need on all pages. Some people say H1 tag helps and some are skeptics. Is it required for C5 site? Thanks in advance!

Redactor wysiwyg insert image is not working with mvc

I am doing insert image in redactor where we need to tell redactor that on which controller and actionmethod need to go save image file in folder and take the path to retrieve the image on UI. The problem is that when i am inserting image in this, its upl…


We are receiving the following error: variable @pagetext-type-font-size is undefined When attempting to save a change to the Stride template. Anyone know of a fix? Website is: www.fscsystems.com Thanks in advance! Tim

Misspelt domain name in site URL config - Urgent Help Needed

Using Concrete Setting the URL in site config file in System & Settings. I am now unable to edit my site or even log out of Edit mode. Correct domain: www.magiccarclean.com.au, accidently entered www.magiccarcean.com.au. How can I fix this giv…

Full sitemap doesn't load

I am running version The full sitemap on the dashboard no longer loads. It briefly displays "loading" and then shows no results. The flat view shows "home" and the search function works. I cannot pinpoint any changes that I made to cause this. A…

connect to community

My site says in admin that project is connected to community, but logged in in community account says NO projects. How do i connect my project (5.7.3 version) to my concrete 5 community account?

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