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Unpublish Pages

How do you unpublish pages within Concrete5.7? I have a client who wants to keep the pages for future use, but cannot have them on the site or indexed by search engines right now. Thank you.

Alternative form add-on for Formidable or Formify

Hello, I am trying to find a form add-on with field conditional function but I think there is no form add-on rather than Formidable / Fomify. Formidable has only a lite version which doesn't include a file upload + etc and It seems like the Fomify ha…

Filemanager Permissions

Hi, We attempted to move files outside of the public_html directory for security reasons using the file manager permissions (otherwise these files would be accessible without login if you knew the correct url). It appears this breaks thumbnail prev…

Tags and tagcloud

I have a mystic problem. When i make tags in a page i make, and have the same tag in tagclod block. Some pages dont want to be viwed in the resoults when i click that tag in the tagclouds. Someone knows why????? Example: I have a page of a fjord. Tag on t…

Updating the main page navigation & downloading Themes and add-ons

I have version of concrete5. When I try to update the navigation menu and make changes on the Home page. and apply the changes for the "entire site", it does not update the child pages. Any idea how I can remedy this?. Also I cannot download …

Unable to Approve Page

When i try to approve page i am getting the following error Call to a member function addWorkflowProgressHistoryObject() on a non-object Release. Problem to Download

Hi! I m currently running release and got an info about the new Version: I have been trying to download it several times, but got the error messages ( see in attachment) Any comment, suggestions? Thx

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