Moving from 5.6 to 5.7

I assume that moving from 5.62 5.7 is not an update but rather a complete replacement of 5.6. If I install 5.7, will I lose the themes and page types that exist in 5.6?

pretty urls and full cache = no more pretty urls

Hello Recently I've enabled full page cache, because I noticed I never really re-enabled it. Then the pretty URLs stopped working even if I disable back the cache... Issue is occurring to me on both and the newest Here's my .htaccess f…

Duplicate Files

Hello, I don't want duplicate files to be uploaded in the file manager. I am trying to implement the file replace functionality in a pop-up. But, once user tries to upload a file it checks whether file name exists in the case I am trying to display an …

Content Block Provides Retina Support?

If I insert image from the image block, it provides the double resolution image for the retina display. But if I insert images from content block, it doesn't serve the double resolution image for the retina display. If there's anything wrong with my appro…

How do i restore a deleted image file

I have deleted a image from the file manager. I searched internet for the solution and knew about trash folder. But couldn't find the trash folder in concrete5 5.7 file manager. Can anyone describe me, how can I get back my deleted image in concrete5 5.7

Clickwrap agreement

Has anyone found a way to install a clickwrap agreement after login, or a pop up after people login and they must click to accept the terms and conditions prior to accessing any pages behind the login?

Module 'ionCube Loader' already loaded

Hi Concretre 5 community, I'm having problems with php's ionCube loader for a clients site. Building the site on localhost xampp seems fine and the site is working as intended, but when I upload the whole site into "bluehost" through ftp transfer th…

What is wrong with my page_theme that would not work

Hi, I would really appreciate some help understanding what I am doing wrong ... each tutorial I read gives a different code and I am getting lost with something that sounds so easy and ends up making me feel like I should just play ping pong rather than …

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