Add item to mobile menu in dashboard

Hi I have a question. I have my own package which page in dashboard. How can I add this page to mobile navigation menu ? On rightside menu I can see entry, but on mobile view - no .

Multilang dropdown with flags

How to change the template to show flag together with the drop-down list? Example here: I wanted to use the current dropdown in the system, but something goes wrong.

Best Tool for Broken Link Checking

Is there any add-on which will check for broken links in c5 website or what will be the best possible tool for checking broken links?

Responsivness Issue

Hi community! I am using Fruitful theme and and c5 version is In several pages, we have wide tables which don't act as responsive if I put them in content block. That's why I have created one customs class, which allows scroll left-right. But fo…

Workflow submission error

I submitted a page to the workflow, then approved the submission from the page that I submitted it on and I received the following error message. {"wpID":"2756","redirect":"http:\/\/\/members"} Can anyone help me with this? Thanks…

Single page with hyphen in url

Hello. I have a working single page with its controller. However, I'm using dash as a separator. SEO would like me to use hyphen instead. If I do, the view works fine, but the controller is not executed anymore. I guess this is because the class loader us…

Hubspot Integration with concrete5

Hi All, Has anyone tried to integrate hubspot with concrete5 . Google tells that addon is available for different CMS , but there is no such addon available for concrete5

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