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disable embed navigation system.

Hello. Im using a custom them so I dont have a theme settings page. theres a way the disable the embed navigation system on the code? I tried deleting that section on the header.php but changes the whole layout. any ideas?

Print button options

Hello everyone. I need to make a few changes to my site, one of them add a print button to blog posts, Im stuck here, I found some add-on but they arent for the 5.7 version. don have idea if I can add that button manually. thanks

Setting an a Select attribute to display a relevant image.

Hi all, Can someone point me in the right direction. I'm creating a custom attribute which is a Select list of say 5 options. When this will be displayed via a page list block I would like to replace each option with a relevant image. Whats the best…

My website just disappeared -- help

Hi. So right now my website is a total blank. Have been operating on 5.7 and went to update, but the update would not download. Without a download, there was of course no install, and I would assume, no change. However, when then returned to my website I …

Help please! My site is down. syntax error, unexpected '['

Please, I need urgent help as my community website is down after an update was installed. I am not able to login to the site to fix it. What can I do to fix this error? www.sksa.com syntax error, unexpected '[' - Michael

Unable to delete a global area that cannot be found

Hi, I am Currently Running I was working on our homepage yesterday and somehow... someway... what seems to be a global area now has a video (product screencast) in it on the bottom of our page just before the footer. This video is ours and wa…

How to manually update to 8.2

I have a couple of C5 websites and cannot update any of them to the current build. Site No 1 - update to Version: 8.2.1. - I get this error: "copy(/home/qldnetcm/public_html/newqldnet/updates/concrete5-8.2.1_remote_updater/concrete/css/image-edi…

Text Not Showing on Firefox or Safari

Hello, I am in need of help with the text on my site. I have been using C5 for many years without issue. However recently any text I enter does not appear once published. It appears when the site is opened in Explorer but not Mozilla or Safari. I ow…

Trying to get image src only from Page List thumbnail

Hi I am trying to get the image src only from the thumbnail image from a page list so I can include it as a background image. I have looked all over this forum, stack overflow and getting nowhere. I am new to PHP, so I apologise if this is a really sim…

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