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Localization Error

HI Folks, I am new on here so its my first post, although I have been using concrete for some time. ANyway I am using concrete 5.7 and I made a new site, didnt do anything differently but for some reason I am getting this error when I try to edit …

Form not sending to email

I'm using Formidable and it is catching the email in the database but not sending it out to my email box. I also created a test concrete 5 form and it does the same thing. It just doesn't send the email out. I'm assuming it is a PHP issue and I have talk…

Site map order.

I am doing some work on a site built by another company. www.keystonelaw.co.uk/sitemap they wish for all the pages under Lawyers to be alphabetical in the sitemap so that whenever someone is added it will slot in where it should. Surely this is possible w…

text edit box not displaying controls

I don't know what to do. I looked everywhere and none of the solutions helped me. When I go to add a new block or edit a text box, I can add words but I can't save or do anything else. I attached an example,

Blog Topics JSON Parse Error

Just testing out the blog system, and am getting an error in the composer under the topic section. It says "Load Error! (parse error)" and when I hover over it says "Syntax Error: Json.Parse Error: Unexpected input at position:()" Thanks guys!

Addon Updates

Hello, I am having an issue with updating 2 addons its trying to backup to the Unable to backup old package directory to /home/countryc/public_html/files/trash Not sure how to change it to a different folder or what I need to do to update.

Filling the Empty space in the global heading

I have a logo, a search bar and navigation in the global heading on the website I am working on. However, we want the logo bigger so I am getting a lot of empty space in the header. How can I add a block so I can put something else there. I am running …

Editing in file Manager not loading

The File Manager works all good except for the edit on the file manager. It just loads for a bit and then is blank. I don't get any console errors when inspecting the source and doing this process. # concrete5 Version

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