Quiz Master

Is anyone aware of anything like the older Quiz Master add-on, which seems to have been discontinued for the latest versions of Concrete5 ? Thank you in advance.

conversation block

Hi i have installed the conversation block on a page that requires users to log in, so i am happy for them to post, is there any way i can turn off the need for a post to be reviewed and posted by an admin?

i need a block with repeater Field

i need a block with image repeater with link. i have fond this functionality in Block Designer Pro. but when i am trying to purchase the block there is no option for Pakistan. i am trying to purchase with credit card As Paypal is not working in Pakistan.

block details

good morning, i ve this error when i tried the block "Details" "An unexpected error occurred. Argument 1 passed to Concrete\Core\Express\ObjectManager::getEntityController() must be an instance of Concrete\Core\Entity\Express\Entity, null given, called …

Easy Image Gallery not working in composer

Hi I've just intall "Easy Image Gallery" (ver. 1.4.2.) on my site (concrete5.8.2.1) and it's not working in composer. I add attribute with proper handle in the "form" of page and the block in the outcome of the page. I can add the fileset when adding ne…

My Custom templates does not appear anymore

Hello, I have developed custom template for express list and i placed them in this directory : /concrete/blocks/express_entry_list/templates All this worked very well and I could, from the block edition, define the template that showed me correctly my…

Menu bar item can't be seen

I added a page to my menu bar. It only is displayed when I am in edit mode. I have saved changes but it will not show up when I am not in edit mode. In other words no one can see it. Please help

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