Adsense Add-on

Hi there :)

I know I already asked, but I'd like to ask once again before giving up Concrete 5 for good...

Is there anyone who'd work on an Adsense plugin that would make the process of adding Adsense easy, the switch between two Adsense IDs quick and easy too, especially when one has 100+ pages on which to change the Adsense info.

The plugin I think about would:

- One single upload, filling the blanks with Adsense Pub-Id, ad types and place to add them to;

- Include Google Search Box with Adsense ID included so that we get paid for the searches made on our sites;

- Allows Adsense revenue sharing (optional but excellent)

- Not overpriced... I think $30 max is quite a good price for such an add-on

- Upgraded so that we don't face troubles when Concrete 5 upgrades (users can buy the developer a beer or coffee when the add-on is upgraded).

Now there may be a way to add Adsense once for good and be able to change the ID from a central place located in one of the many, many, many Concrete files with a line of code on our templates but I'm a development idiot... and chose Concrete 5 because it appeared to be the simplest and safest CMS out there.

At least I confirm it's the safest CMS I've ever used!

Because of this, I don't wish to give up Concrete 5 but wouldn't have any other option if there's no way to add an all-in-one quick and easy Adsense system into my site, as Adsense was one of my largest income source.

Thank you very much for the replies :)

Holly Day.

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LucasAnderson replied on at Permalink Reply
This wouldn't be too hard to do by getting your AdSense code from Google and pasting it into an HTML block on your Page Type Defaults. Then you would assign it to child pages that already exist and it would also appear on all new pages using that Page Type going forward.

You could also add the HTML block to your Global Scrapbook. Any changes you make to it would take effect on pages that have it assigned.

That being said, you have a good idea for an add-on, and something I may look into developing in the near future.
HumpingFrog replied on at Permalink Reply
How would you assign it to child pages?

And how do you change something in your scrapbook? I tried doing that so something in my Personal Scrapbook and couldn't figure that out....
hollyday replied on at Permalink Reply
In addition, when I tried to add Adsense in the scrapbook, it wasn't long before it bugs... The third Ad didn't work, and I could never add another third add although Adsense allows up to three ads, two search boxes and several link ads...

However, if one uses the scrapbook to add Adsense and change the code directly from the scrapbook, does it change all existing Adsense codes that were added through the scrapbook?

I'm not sure as I already tried with the navigation bar and, although the system warned me that changing from the scrapbook would change ALL navigation bars used the same way, it didn't change anything at all.
hollyday replied on at Permalink Reply
Indeed, anyone can copy/paste an Adsense code in an HTML page or module, that wasn't my problem.

If I do this in 100s of pages, the day I have to change the code, for whatever reason - selling the site for example - I'll have to go through hundreds of pages to change the code.

As a matter of fact, I didn't ask how to add the code, I asked if someone would make an Adsense add-on, just like developers do for every other CMS platform.

An add-on that just needs to change the code or the Adsense block design - or allows multiple choice for Adsense blocks.
jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
I agree that copying the code fro adsense wouldn't be too hard. But if there's a decent demand I'll whip up something for you.

But don't give up on concrete5, it's a fantastic cms... The best out there by far. And most folks in the community forums are pretty nice too :-)

hollyday replied on at Permalink Reply
Indeed, I've even got a request from a friend of mine who discovered Concrete5 this weekend and would like to have her site built with this system.

For the first time, she understood how a CMS other than Blogger work in one minute and she's excited to start working on it...

However, she's also worried about this Adsense stuff, especially since she's accustomed to sell her companies and/or sites and start over very often.

Now if there's a way to change the code through the backup file and re-upload this file with the new code (which would be useful when changing Amazon and other affiliate lines of codes), this would be fine too...
HumpingFrog replied on at Permalink Reply
If you're looking to switch between ID's in a single block across all of your pages than you could do what Lucas said (I figured it out) basically you just make a block in your GLOBAL SCRAPBOOK of the code you want inserted. Than you (I think) you have to manually insert all of the global blocks into where you want them placed by pasting them (I haven't figured out how to automate this). And whenever you want to edit something from the block, you just go into your global scrapbook and edit it there. Since it's global, the change will effect all the blocks that you pasted.
jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes, exactly right. The "global scrapbook" is designed for just that. You can actually add a scrapbook item to multiple pages via the "Page Types" feature. Here's a link to the C5 doco:
Essentially you add a block to the page type of your choice (eg. "default), then secondly apply that block to all children pages. Here's another link that describes it:

hollyday replied on at Permalink Reply
However, this doesn't solve the problem of changing the design and place of the ads once for all neither offer an option to display co-author's Adsense blocks.

Same for Amazon - although I didn't ask for such an add-on but it might be interesting for any affiliate program - that would need to manually change products and IDs on each page. Naturally, chances are other systems do face such a problem too.

My main concern remains Google Adsense ads and search.
jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
We're working on an adsense block now and it will be ready for release this week. Keep an eye on the c5 marketplace.
jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Our new AdSense block has just been submitted to the C5 marketplace and is currently under review. Once the review is complete, it will be available for download at:

You can also see it in action at:

Hope this helps.

TN14 replied on at Permalink Reply
Sadly, it still does not seem like C5 has an addon like Joomla and Wordpress that allows automatic adding of adsense ads into the middle or chosen areas of blog articles and into titles, and sides as defined by simple settings. This would be done for all pages or chosen sections or pages of a website.

Optional settings usually involve being able to override your Google adsense definition and assign borders, and colors, or remove them as wanted. Some WP or J addons even provide options to block IPAs, and other detectable visitors to avoid abuse and not get banned by monster G. Some great features of such addons are that they make sure G rules are not violated by making sure only 3 G Adsense ads show no matter what, and some check the content to make sure posts, comments, etc do not violate G's policies.

And what I described is typically, and for the most part ALL FREE for J and WP addons/modules/extensions. Yes, I have seen the C5 Adsense Addon in the market place, but IMO, C5 completely lacks the type of addon described above by me, or even something with the minimal need of auto injection within blogs, titles, headers, sides, and footers upon choice.

Ya, we can make stacks for the G Ad HTML codes, and add those stacks manually to each blog article and it's page, but that can be completely avoided, since it is still work and the minutes and hours add up.

I would love to be proven wrong.
jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply

Do you still need this block type? If so let me know so I can send you a quotation for the development at a discounted price.