Booking and availability calendar

Hi All I'm looking to get a booking and availability calendar included into a small holiday letting site I am building has anyone managed to modify the calendar Block or create/creating something similar?

Any help appreciated
kind regards

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RadiantWeb replied on at Permalink Reply
I am developing an additional package that allows sign ups for SimpleEvents as well as a backend overview with an email option. It's a ways off though to be honest.
tbcrowe replied on at Permalink Reply
Along the lines of ChadStrat's reply I developed a full featured appointment calendar library a while back. It has not ever been developed into a C5 package, however, and would take a pretty fair amount of work to do so.
pvs replied on at Permalink Reply
I want to help you on that, I am thinking that I might be using it. Let me know [email protected]
ScottC replied on at Permalink Reply
i know there are some guys doing one as a school project.

I have one as a side project for a friend, not sure it'll ever hit the marketplace, seems like a bear to support something like that.
RadiantWeb replied on at Permalink Reply
I have one working just fine. but I am adding paypal support for payed events, which is a pill I'm sure you know. lol

It will require simpleEvents though.

ScottC replied on at Permalink Reply
nice :)

i've done a lot around say like 40 files and im maybe halfway through mine, won't be for public consumption tho.
RadiantWeb replied on at Permalink Reply
lmao. well I just made a "simpleSignup" in the tradition of my other packages.. stupid simple.

-pulls events from simple event
-lets you add an independent signup block to it, and you can have more than one sign up block for the same event and it still logs it the same way.
-allows you to set it as a payed event with different costs for adults and children, or just an easy sign up.
- all signups require a log in for the user information
- non-payed signups allow editing and deletion.
- a back end list of attendance total for any given event and a mass email to notify of cancelation, or changes to the event.

the let down for me is not being able to offer the editing of signups that have been payed for. more of a paypal limitation in regard to refunding. sucks.

invision replied on at Permalink Reply

Are you planning to release your simpleSignup add-on? I hate to re-invent the wheel, especially if I can shortcut a project...
craftyCS replied on at Permalink Reply
Cheers guys,
But has anyone got anything ready?
Also I only need to have a display of what is booked and not booked on 4 properties. Booking could be done through a simple form with no e-commerce. Amazing if this is built in but not nessacary at this stage.

The client has pointed me to a few samples of what she thinks does what she needs here they are: from (

Like I said if someone has something I would be willing to look at paying for it.

Paul from from
Fernandos replied on at Permalink Reply
Funny thing!

I know 4 People here who developed or are developing a Booking application. Some are super large some are minimal.

But fact is that I'm developing such a Booking app with my team (5peeps) too and that our's won't go public too.

Chadstrat's SimpleCal is the only I know of that will be available through the marketplace.

The Booking app you have posted is not developed by the sites you have posted!
Here is the manufacturer of that Booking app:

I mean you could do a search on your favorite search engine (hint )and look what you get for the query: "Booking application" or "Booking framework". There are a lot of ready to use scripts. Sure they are not integrated into c5, but hey you can do that yourself or pay someone to do that.

PassionForCreative replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Guys,

Resurrecting this thread. Did anyone ever develop this to a stable stage or is it due to be released soon? I have a really sweet project lined up and iif this block is available I can do it all in-house.
DavidEgerton replied on at Permalink Reply
DavidEgerton is another booking system. What we need is a resource booking system where you can specify booking rules, could be renting something or booking an event, spa treatment etc.

Need to specify rules like how many people can book onto event, options etc and allow online payment. Therw is a big demand for such an application for Concrete5
sebmel replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm building a resource management system for one of my customers. It is a ajax web application.

It will be ready this month.
I'm planning to update it with more advanced features once it's ready.
mojoburns replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Am looking for a holiday rental booking calendar. Did you get yours finished?
gundogbreeders replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi All,

Did anyone ever finish an availability calendar? I have a need for one too!


TMPilot replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi all,

Sorry to resurrect this but in looking for an availability calendar for a friend I came across this.

I've not looked for long but it would seem a rather popular feature that's missing.

So... Help is here! I'll get to work on making one and get it out there soon ;)

funnypurple replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi all!

TMPilot, I am really looking forward this!
I've been struggling out with this for a long time now. Only solution seems to be Proevents + ProForms but it seemed kinda heavy and hard to configure...

All I need is a very simple booking calendar, where registered users (without rights to dashboard) can make reservations for a place to fix their cars one at the time (my client is a car club).