Current Logged In Users

I would like to see a feature added in the Admin Dashboard that displays a list of current users that are currently logged including:

1) Total number of users currently logged in.
2) Date and time last logged in.
3) Total time currently logged in.
4) Which group they belong to, ie. Admin, Users, etc.

Just some information on the users that are currently logged into the system would be nice.

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LucasAnderson replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Tony's Traffic & Stats add-on has a great user visit log that includes most, if not all of that information.
MarkLayton replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks Lucas, the Traffic & Statistics block you recommended shows the history of all the visit. I'm looking for detailed info regarding users current sessions.

Thanks for the suggestion.

afandino replied on at Permalink Reply
I think the most effient way to make this happen is to add a field to the users table call isLoggedIn. This is so you can just query the db and find out who's logged in. Of course the login and logout routines must be updated to set the flag on or off acordingly