Edit the Document Library Block

I have successfully been able to edit the Document Library Block

So the … File Folder
Path is NO Longer a… Pull down selection
The File Folder path is filled in using… UserName and UserGroup
I have setup each User to be in ONLY ONE Group

Defined by the… Logged in User - using the UserName
username1 - is in ONLY ONE Group = group1
So… What I did first was
Manually enter the path for the File Folder
This works great

I was able to set it up to load - username1
What I am having trouble with is
Getting the logged in - username1
To load the 'gName' of the logged in users group - group1


`Users` (`uID`,

`UserGroups` (`uID`, `gID`
(1, 5, '2020-06-09 01:53:55'),
(2, 5, '2020-06-07 19:28:25');

`Groups` (`gID`, `gName`,
gID = 5
gName = group1

The code listed below - works - manually entering in… 5
I need for the code to auto load - 5
Also… it displays as a pull down showing = group1
As the ONLY select
I need to just echo or print = group1

$db = Loader::db();
$query = "SELECT gName FROM Groups where gID='5'";
$result = $db->Execute($query);
<select name="group">
<option value=""></option>
while($row=$result->fetchRow()) {
$gID = $row['gID'];
$gName = $row['gName'];

<option value="<?php echo $gName?>"><?php echo $gName?></option><?php

Can anyone… Please HELP…???

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hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
Just to clarify, are you trying to get the group(s) for the currently logged in user? If so, you can do this.

$u = new \Concrete\Core\User\User();
$groups = $u->getUserGroupObjects();
if(count($groups)) {
    foreach($groups as $group) {
        $gID = $group->getGroupID();
        $gName = $group->getGroupName();
nightlog replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Thank You… For responding…!!!
It works... Great
At the end - to test it - I added...

echo $gName;