Expandable Content / Expand Collapse Blocks

These two blocks are great - and do exactly what they say they'll do. The only problem is that I would like to use them for a "Read more..." situation. In this case, you click on "Read more..." and the block expands. Immediately "Read more" turns into "Close", and you can close the block by clicking. Alternatively, the "Close" would be at the end of the text.

I was able to fake it with text as .png with Remo's block, but it seems to me that this is a question of a better end-user interface. Also, because I am using a Google typeface, making those .pngs gets complicated. Then you have to start adding "alt text" - it's just messy. The arrows are okay, but my client won't have 'em.

Please someone tell me if I have missed a block that does this, or if there is a way to change one of the two blocks I already have.

Thanks Forum!

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