Filter Express Entry List by entity attribute

It would be immensely helpful to be able to filter Express entries by attribute value. What are the chances that the c5 team might consider baking this in to a release in the near future?

Another possibility... is there someone out there who could add this feature?

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tdausner replied on at Permalink Reply
Where in user interface are you expecting the demanded filter function?

Can you please add a "screenshot"?
jalen replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Hey There!

Thanks for responding to my post.

So, I was looking at the standard "Express Entry List" edit page, and the 2nd tab in particular (Results). On this tab, you can choose Columns, Column Order, and set Sort By. I'd love to see a "Filter By" section where you can select one of the columns (attributes), a comparator (eg. =, <=, <, >=, >), and a value (to compare to).

I've attached a screen shot of the page in question.

Thanks again.
tdausner replied on at Permalink Reply
So you want to filter the results. That you can achieve on the "Filtering" tab.

Or are you looking for a "live", user operable filter like the data filter in Excel?
jalen replied on at Permalink Reply
Just to be clear, there currently isn't a Filter/Filtering tab in design view.

I'm looking for functionality to use at design time.