Form block - Invalid address format


I am using the form block and have problems with the mail notification option. Whenever I decide to use the mail address of the sender, it returns "invalid address format" instead of using the valid mail address and sending the message.

Any idea?

Kind regards

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drbiskit replied on at Permalink Reply
Could you supply a copy of the complete error report - that might hopefully show what the address is.

If you make sure that you have :
'Output error information to site users' + 'Show the debug error output'
selected here:
Lovic replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you very much for your advice! I updated c5 and the erroer message is gone ... nevertheless, there is no mail sent to the user who fills the form although I selected the option. Any idea why?
drbiskit replied on at Permalink Reply
There are lots of possible reasons with this type of thing.

Have you checked the logs page? It will be here:
- There might be something on there if there is an error.

Beyond that, if there are no errors, have you tried various different emails (e.g gmail, outlook/hotmail, etc), and checked all junk mail folders of the recipients.