Help Desk & Support Ticket System

I am in need of a help desk and support ticket system for my freelance web design business. It would be useful to have a way to provide quality support in this way.

There would be two parts to this: Ticket management, and Admin management.

TICKET MANAGEMENT (front-end): Registered users can submit tickets. Tickets can have attachments (uploaded files). Tickets can be saved as a draft, or submitted to admin. Tickets can be associated with categories (topic). When a ticket is submitted by user, admin can receive an email notification (or not). User can mark a ticket active status as opened or closed.

ADMIN MANAGEMENT (back-end): Site admin can allow individual users or groups to manage tickets, with the option to delete, edit, and answer a ticket (or not). When admin answers a ticket, a notification email is sent to the user who submitted it. Replies to tickets can be saved as a draft. Admin can create categories (topics) that tickets can be associated with (ex. "General Inquiry", "Billing", or "Technical"). Submitted tickets would be displayed by category / topic, with the following info: what user submitted it, time /date it was submitted, and it's active status (open or closed by user).

I'm thinking an add-on like this could go for around $50 in the marketplace. Anyone interested?

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A free help desk software we used, which has the features in Back-end, front-end and email synchronization and Ticket assignment logic Customer self-service system: Have the helpdesk system which is to be the last insurance to help your customers to combat the problems. However, no one wants to wait for your reply if there is any chance to get the answer. So at higher priority, the customers should search their answers from the knowledgebase and articles you have prepared already. This must be designed intelligently and functionally.
More info you can check:
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Not trying to rain on your parade,
but there are some really nice web-based ticketing systems out there. Because this is so specific, and you'd probably soon want additional options/flexibility you might want to search for a helpdesk system and keep it separate from concrete5.

I use this at work WebHelpDesk. There's a free lite version:
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I think, ultimately, I may just go with an external solution. Seems to be simpler, anyway.
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Hi sir, due to your need, sharing you a successful help desk software - iKode Customer Service Software, which is a a web-based, easy to use and <a href="">free customer service software</a> to resolve IT issues by ITSM work flows.
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A system that can do exactly what you are looking for is FocalScope (it’s also completely free for 2 users). I am currently using their free edition and it works exceptionally well. Their site is:

Hope this helps.
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It already exists and it is cheaper than $50. FocalScope[ ] has all those features (I know, I’m using it). Its both web based and on premise hosting – depending on your needs.
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I think that this one would meet your needs(, it can do what you have mentioned.