I want the same header nav on every pages

like my navigation menu, I want the same header nav with the same content on every pages of website...

but i can't find how to do...

because the header nav seems need to be add manualy with my html content manually on each pages...

thanks !

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flyingstyle replied on at Permalink Reply
You can go to the "pagetypes" (hope that is the right word, because I use a german version...) und change the standard-look for every pagetype there.

For eyaple: If you add the Nav like you wanna have it in the full page, in every full page you create after then, you menu is included.

And for Nav made automaticly by C5, you can use the blog "Auto-Nav".

parpaingcrew replied on at Permalink Reply
thanks a lot for the answer

in fact, when i go in page types, this is the composer options i have, not the blocks...
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
On any C5 version after 5.5, you can put the navigation into any area that is set p as a global area in your theme. For example, if you are using the Greek Yogurt theme, then the area 'Header Nav' will be shown as 'Sitewide Header Nav' when you edit a page, indicating it is a global area.

If you put the navigation/menu block in there, it will be shown the same on every page.