Is there an alternative Text Editor to TinyMCE

Does C5 have any alternative text editors to TinyMCE?

I cannot find any text editors under C5's Marketplace Add ons.

The reason why I am looking into using another text editor is the fact that TinyMCE has the habbit of wrapping everything in <p> tags - even images). I don't want to edit the javascript files, otherwise it will completely remove the <p> tag wrapping. Automatic <p> tag wrapping is good for text, but on the other hand it is very annoying when it wraps images.

At the moment I am having to resort to using the HTML block for some more bespoke formatting to prevent TinyMCE's veryy annoying <p> tag wrapping of images, which can screw up the design.

Back to what I was asking, it would be very useful to know what alternatives there are out there.

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modularte replied on at Permalink Reply

I have the same problem. I've tried everything. I've already tried that but it has not helped.

/ concrete / js / sf

find: forced_root_block: "p",
change to forced_root_block: false,

I've cleared all caches. It's a cramp.
I hope someone has a solution.

Cheers Norman
jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply