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Hi Team..

I have been looking about for a solution to by issue... But it seems there isn't one good enough so i though i would request it!

When i Have is a quite complex site design for a land rovers owners club. Now I can work out the mass online ownership and editing form multi people they want. And even a join now with paypal link and member access to download for members only to download the mag!

But now they have stomped me by asking for a members gallery area were each member has there own facebook style gallery which only they can access, with a comments section for each picture, add multiply gallery for different events. Which can be seen by all but only edited by the owner!

I have been playing with advanced permissions.. but It seems creating a group for each user (1000 users) and setting the permissions for there pages so only they can access is going be a pain! and i cant automat it. And I only want them to have a gallery page. not be able to add blocks.(which i think i can do by building a single page with the gallery block already on it and no options to add new ones.)

I will also need them to only be able to upload small files which i know is possible, but a pain. As if i give them access to file manager they will see all the images?

So I think what i need is 2 blocks -- A member block were it allows user to only edit blocks they own, and see there own file-manager with only there images. so they can delete edit change etc.

Second I need a gallery plugin which has multi sub gallery's so you chose a gallery and look thought it from one page with out going thought lots of sub pages with a gallery on each. A gallery with multi-ply galleries inside( if that makes sense!) So the members have one page which displays all there galleries within one block and they can add more when needed. + a comments section for each picture with facebook and twitter links!

I know this is a lot to ask... But i see a few other posts regarding the member restricted access block. So i though I would see what you all say!

I can build this site in PHP if i have to and use Drupa if needed, if this is simply impossible to do that is fine i still like concrete for smaller site designs. But A quick response would be nice as i can wait if some one will help me build the block.. or i will right the site from scratch in php..

If there is a way to do this already then then please tell me how and delete this :)

Thanks for any help
Carl Lee

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OKDnet replied on at Permalink Reply
Did you see Registrant Group by jordanlev?
Adds users to a chosen group upon registration.

Perhaps that could solve the one issue.

I'm sure you probably searched for " Membership" and found these 2
right? (I remembered seeing a membership ad-on, and did the search just to see for myself).
carl101lee replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Owen

Thanks for the reply, Yes I have the group membership add on running on a test server, Which does what it says, And yes I have had a look at the blocks available. Which I don't think cover what I need but I will have another look at what they offer maybe a mix of add on's might cover it.

What I need is a security block which directs new users to a group upon registration and even creates a group for them automaticly(AS this is how concrete handles it) with there own permissions,(based on permissions set) or only allows them to edit pages they own.. More importantly not even the page just the block, and file manager to upload new images remove old ones.

I can do this manually but for 1000 members I will need 1000 groups which I will have to manually do. (No Thanks) It seems a bit silly in regards to managing them!

In regard to the gallery block what I need is a gallery thumbnails which contains sub-galleys( like Facebook) for different events!
If there is already one then please point me there as I have looked at loads of gallery plug ins!