Multi Site Manager Addon

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I know that there are multi-site management addons already in the marketplace, but do any of them allow for end-users to create their own site, sort of like the demo here on

I saw that ImpressPages CMS has come out with something like this:

Can any of the current multisite addons be extended to support this sort of thing?

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Mainio replied on at Permalink Reply
We kinda did it for one project using the multiple domains add-on:

We created a separate add-on to handle registeration and site creation for new user accounts, it was just subdomains under that page.

However, that will only work well if you don't allow your users to access dashboard and need to only have 1 user account / site. When it comes to group management, user management, etc. I think a centralized installation of concrete5 would actually be better solution. There's even a ready guide for that:
BrogenMacy replied on at Permalink Reply
Yep I need this too actually so any help much appreciated.