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Hi. i am looking for a news system. because every cms has at least a free built in news system. but for concrete5 we have to purchase (simplenews) addon. so if anyone has some other news solution then kindly let me know. or maybe some third party news system integration like cutenews or something else..


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chunksmurray replied on at Permalink Reply
Depending on the specifics of what you are looking for, you can use the page list block to do a good job with "news" type layouts. So you can get it to order the pages by date or whatever way you wish. And with some creative templates you can style it up any way you please.
clairec replied on at Permalink Reply
There is a newsblock on the marketplace by chad
groundlessfears replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks.. where i can find the page list block.?
cssninja replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply 1 Attachment
This is the default block in concrete5.
Copy the folder concrete/blocks/page_list and put in a folder blocks/page_list.
Then in that directory in the templates/ directory, you can create your own template file or modify an existing custom.php file.

I attached a sample template file that you can add. But you have to add a new page attribute too, called "thumbnail". Unless you want to add images to news you can delete lines 27 and 28.

Also remember to edit your own css file and add classes, such as:
- news
- news_title
- date
- news_decription
- news_picture
groundlessfears replied on at Permalink Reply
hi dear. thanks a lot for your nice reply. well bro the problem is that i am not a developer. :) so thats why i am looking for some block that work all this automatically. and i am student and dont able to buy the news block which is available in marketplace. so i am just try to learn things.. many many thanks. for your detailed answer..

oaknshield replied on at Permalink Reply
I purchased the simple news addon and it just won't work. $15 down the tubes
I emailed the develepor (chad) and after numerous tries - still no luck.

Problem -: when i click on the news title it jus stays there- doesn't show the full news

Anyone has any other suggestions for creating News - not sure i understand copying the page_list block etc.
RadiantWeb replied on at Permalink Reply

This is an inappropriate setting for this type of post.

C5 core team will refund your money if you can actually use the support system and we can try to help you.

Either way...please refrain from unnecessary flaming and blatant attempts to hurt the reputation of developers. Issues you have with any addons should be taken care of in that addons support page.

I take a lot of pride in my support. please use it. PM's are much harder to keep up with, and NOT the appropriate avenue of support. Support requests are prioritized.

Thank you,

Kafoso replied on at Permalink Reply
If anyone is interested in learning how to create a News Module themselves, and easily modify it to your needs, check out this article:

Bit of a necro =)
MainostoimistoExx replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello there, sorry to resurrect this again. But after much reading I still can't figure out where I'am supposed to add this Attribute "thumbnail"?

EDIT: I think I found where I have to add this Attribute (models/attribute/types/thumbnail) but problem here is I have no idea where to start, bare in mind that I have only 6 days of Concrete5 experience.

EDIT: FInally found solution for this, but I still could use some help with "echo $lfb->getThumbnail(40,40)->src ?>" alt="<?php echo $title ?>"/></a>" Is there a way to make it crop the image to exactly 40px x 40px.

Cheers, Petro